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Unlock the Power to Overcome Your Fears

Embrace new challenges with confidence and courage with "Dealing with Fear" Course

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Are you tired of being held hostage by your fears?

The paralyzing grip of fear is a heavy burden to bear.

Consumed by worry, you find yourself:

  • Imprisoned by fear that leave you feeling powerless and exhausted.
  • Reluctant to take risks or embrace new challenges, resigning yourself to a life of regret.
  • Haunted by the nagging voice of self-doubt that holds you back from your true potential.

Imagine the freedom, the joy, the sense of empowerment that
would come from finally conquering your fears. No longer would you have to
watch others achieve their goals while you're stuck in a cycle of inaction and


It's time to take back control and reclaim the life you
deserve - a life free from the shackles of fear.

Discover how to live a meaningful, fearless life, turning dreams into reality.

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Empowered Living

Break free from the constraints of fear and anxiety, allowing you to pursue your passions and achieve your goals with confidence.

Confidence Boost

Overcome your fears and build the self-assurance needed to tackle any challenge life throws at you.

Purposeful Living

Cultivate a fearless attitude that transforms life's challenges into opportunities for meaningful growth and success.

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How Will "Dealing With Fear" Help You?

This course is designed to guide you through a step-by-step journey of personal transformation.

In this self-paced course, you will learn proven strategies to:

  • Identify the root causes of your fears: Uncover the deep-seated beliefs, past experiences, and limiting mindsets that fuel your anxieties.
  • Develop practical coping strategies: Equip yourself with simple and practical tools and techniques that will help you conquer fear, harness the fear response and use it to your advantage.
  • Set Yourself Free: You will learn how to embrace your fears with an attitude that can turn the most difficult situations into opportunities that take your life to the next level.
  • Cultivate a mindset of courage: Discover how to harness the power of your mind to reframe fear and take bold, inspired action.
  • Achieve your goals and dreams: Overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back, empowering you to pursue the life you truly desire.

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Don't take our word for it


Exactly 3 years have passed between the two courses. When I started LOP2 I found that I did not lose my way in the middle, I was just walking on a different path than the one I planned but I stick to the values I already have gained.

Yasmine Abdrabou

Course: LOP1 - LOP2


I know now: What are the meanings of my true self. How I can manage my thoughts to empower me to realize my dreams. Turning bad and negative feeling to positive one.

Iman Khattab

Course: LOP


A life changing experience, despite how cliché that might sound but she made me think positive, she changed the way I used to look at the world from a dark and depressing way into a bright full of hope way.

Yasmine Fathelbab

هبة بتعمل حاجة فوق العظمة بتدخل كده جوه نفس و عقل الواحدة فينا تشيل الكركبة و تنضف التراب و تزرع افكار جديدة و تشغل بخور و تطلع.... تطلع سايبة الدنيا متروقة كده و سايبالنا الزرع الجديد ده نراعيه و نكبره و نجيب زرع تاني بأفكار جديدة مفيدة و بتسيبلنا شوية زراير كده بتعلمنا نستعملهم ازاي عشان نتعامل مع مشاعرنا و مواقف حياتنا بالشكل اللي يحقق لنا جودة الحياة و الاتزان اللي كلنا بندور عليه اللي بيوصلنا في الاخر لمراد ربنا مننا.

عبله النجار



طبعا مهما وصفت و حكيت قد ايه الLOP و هبه اكبر و احسن خطوه عملتها في حق نفسي من فتره كبيره مش هقدر اوصف كويس.. انهارده انا و زمايلى في الكورس واحنا بنتكلم عن نفسنا و افتكرت اول يوم من ٣ شهور و احنا متخبطين و مبعثرين حسيت قد ايه ان الكورس قادر جدا انه يحقق طفره في حياتك..

علياء عيد حسن

Course: LOP1