Meet Our Team

Shaimaa Ashry

Operations Manager

She is the team communicator & energizer that loves connecting with people with her deep emotions and empathy that makes her understand the clients’ problems, yet she doesn't like to bend the rules.

Shaimaa is the one who comes out of the blue with ideas, solutions or jokes outside the box and creates an energizing vibe in the team. She is always fueled by highly creative energy, fiery enthusiasm and burst of ideas from another dimension that not everyone can get. 

She is a certified Business Psychologist from South Wales University with  13 years experience in management. She is a mother of a boy, traveller,  adventurer and scuba diver.

Sophie Mohamed

Operations Coordinator

She is the genuine and the hidden genius of the team.  When a team member throws a new idea that creates fear of change, she comes with her passion-driven, responsible character, and new ideas mixed with her vivid imagination and gives solid feedback that calm everyone again. Because she is the visionary, she is never scared of new ideas as she has the ability to see fast forward, that's why she appreciates authentic ideas by authentic people. 

Her introspective and intuitive nature makes her the receiver of the new ideas of the team.

BA in Information Technology & computing from Arab Open University with 7 years experience in translation, intructing traditional art and corporate branding. 

Meet Our Volunteers

Elham Gaber

She is fascinated by the beauty of awareness to help people get a deep enlightening experience and has the ability to see the spark of potential in everything and everyone, and inspire others to see it too. 

Certified Professional Life Coach from ICFC and certified Montessori Teacher from International Montessori Foundation in England with 4 years of experience in teaching and 2 years as a teacher coach.

Esraa Ragab

Here comes a unique problem- solver that does it her way. She does it with enthusiasm, optimism and the heart of wanting to help the team and the clients. She has an extremely uplifting and inspiring nature which makes her able to assist both the team and the clients in an imaginative and creative way that makes them feel supported.

MA in Logistics Management From AAST with 14 years of experience in organizing events and handling financial and administrative issues.

Omnia Essam

She is the “doer” of the team. She comes with her analytical, pragmatic, and dynamic powers to end any hanging issues. The team just shoots the issue to our “doer” and she takes this complex task and expresses it simply and clearly……... and BINGO….. things get done! 

Omnia has a BA of Computer Science, AAST with 8 years of experience in Information Technology. Mom of two boys. She is a producer, organizer, explainer and helper.

Walaa Fawzy

She is the team's butterfly. Another artistic, unique, colourful, positive, creative, and cheerful visionary. She is the peacemaker, the one that believes in everyone and always pushes the team and the clients to go for their goals, fight to solve their problems, and help by placing big and colorful ideas.

Content creator, storyteller, youtuber, modest wear influencer, voice over producer, writer, blogger, and a mother of three.

Yomna Mosallam

The believer and the dreamer. A passionate lady who does what she believes in. Yomna loves to add value & impact in people’s lives by spreading HOPE. Her secret spice is “empowerment”. She empowers our team and community by pushing each member towards self-exploration and self-growth to develop their core and reach their full potential and life purpose. 

Youna has 15 years of experience in  HR and corporate consultancy. She is a proud mother of a beautiful young lady and an amazing gentle man.