Who is Heba el Sawah? 

Entrepreneur, author, family relationships and positive psychology coach, Heba El Sawah is well-known for her “Living on Purpose” self-empowerment training course, “Soulmates” marital workshop and “Intimacy” sexual training program. She also conducts coaching sessions to assist individuals and families and has been making many contributions to the training world since 2012.

 El Sawah received a Parent Educator Certification from the Positive Discipline Association, USA, and another Coaching Certification from Dr. John Gray, a marital relations expert and author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” book series. She also received a Trainer Certification from the relationships expert and researcher PhD John Gottman, Founder of the Gottman Institute. In 2018 El Sawah finished the “Intensive Sex Training Therapy” and “Emotional Focused Couples Therapy” programs at Guelph University in Canada and established her own “Heba el Sawah Foundation” for training and coaching.

 El Sawah has also worked as a trainer at the Family Education Centre and as a volunteer at the Halton Distress Centre in Canada. In 2021 she got certified as a “Positive Psychology Coach” from the leading global organization in professional coaching the “International Coaching Federation ICF.”

 Over the years El Sawah published two best-selling self-empowerment books "Cinderella’s Secret" and “Shahrazad on Fire” which are distributed both in Egypt and overseas. She also conducted trainings to thousands of people in Egypt, Canada, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and was hosted on numerous TV programs and radio shows worldwide.