Who is Heba el Sawah? 

Entrepreneur, writer and family relations and self-realization life coach, Heba El Sawah is well-known for her “Living on Purpose” training course, “Soulmates” marital workshop and “Intimacy” sexual training program. She also conducts coaching sessions to assist individuals and families and makes many contributions to the training world. El Sawah majored in Business Administration studies at the American University and Naval Academy, then entered the training world and received a Certified Trainer Certification from the Positive Discipline Association, USA, and another Certified Trainer Certification from Dr. John Gray, a marital relations expert and author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”. El Sawah established “Familia” for family and individual training in Egypt, following training sessions she attended with Dr. Richard Bolstad of “Resolve: A New Model of Therapy.” She also received a Certified Trainer Certification from Dr. John Gottman, Founder of the Gottman Institute. She now lives with in Canada and works as a trainer at the Family Education Centre and as a volunteer at the Halton Distress Centre. In January 2017, El Sawah wrote "Cinderella’s Secret", a best-selling book in Alef Bookstores, Al-Diwan Center, Virgin Megastores, and Dar El Shorouk. In January 2020 she published her second book “Shahrazad on Fire” which is distributed both in Egypt and overseas.

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