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Uncover Your True Purpose In Life

With Our 3 Months Program "Living on Purpose"

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Break free from your emotional blocks

Unlock your full potential, overcome obstacles, and create a life filled with purpose, meaning, & fulfillment

Living Without Purpose Can Cost You

  • Lack of motivation: Without a clear goal or direction, it's easy to feel unmotivated and uninspired.
  • Low self-esteem: Feeling adrift can take a toll on your self-confidence and self-worth.
  • Relationship challenges: Uncertainty about your own purpose can spill over into your relationships, leading to conflict and dissatisfaction.
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Boost Your Self-esteem

Learn practical methods & tools to develop a supportive & empowering bond with yourself

Know Your Purpose

Unlock your true purpose & empower yourself to lead a fulfilling & joyful life

Master Your Emotions

Learn strategies to understand & regulate your emotions, for better decision-making.

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Living On Purpose

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Live on purpose

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Exactly 3 years have passed between the two courses. When I started LOP2 I found that I did not lose my way in the middle, I was just walking on a different path than the one I planned but I stick to the values I already have gained.

Yasmine Abdrabou

Course: LOP1 - LOP2


I know now: What are the meanings of my true self. How I can manage my thoughts to empower me to realize my dreams. Turning bad and negative feeling to positive one.

Iman Khattab

Course: LOP


A life changing experience, despite how cliché that might sound but she made me think positive, she changed the way I used to look at the world from a dark and depressing way into a bright full of hope way.

Yasmine Fathelbab

هبة بتعمل حاجة فوق العظمة بتدخل كده جوه نفس و عقل الواحدة فينا تشيل الكركبة و تنضف التراب و تزرع افكار جديدة و تشغل بخور و تطلع.... تطلع سايبة الدنيا متروقة كده و سايبالنا الزرع الجديد ده نراعيه و نكبره و نجيب زرع تاني بأفكار جديدة مفيدة و بتسيبلنا شوية زراير كده بتعلمنا نستعملهم ازاي عشان نتعامل مع مشاعرنا و مواقف حياتنا بالشكل اللي يحقق لنا جودة الحياة و الاتزان اللي كلنا بندور عليه اللي بيوصلنا في الاخر لمراد ربنا مننا.

عبله النجار



طبعا مهما وصفت و حكيت قد ايه الLOP و هبه اكبر و احسن خطوه عملتها في حق نفسي من فتره كبيره مش هقدر اوصف كويس.. انهارده انا و زمايلى في الكورس واحنا بنتكلم عن نفسنا و افتكرت اول يوم من ٣ شهور و احنا متخبطين و مبعثرين حسيت قد ايه ان الكورس قادر جدا انه يحقق طفره في حياتك..

علياء عيد حسن

Course: LOP1