The Real Me

The Real Me

I figured out that I learn mostly by messing up. It’s what makes me, me! It’s the joy I find in new experiences, new people, new adventures. The pleasure of things I never see coming. And the pain of banging my head against the same old walls, repeating the same mistakes, sufferings and compulsions over and over again!

The real me is my strengths and weaknesses, talents and frustrations, my funny little habits and the little wisdom I try to build up at my core. It’s just me, the girl who goes through dramas and traumas of life struggling to stay strong and lift her head up high all the way through. It’s me, the person who only learns from the school of hard knocks. Who takes the risk of being vulnerable at times and makes sure she doesn't miss her heart breaks, mourning and life changes!

The girl who knows with certainty she has a lot to give to this world but yet feels uncertain, helpless and lonely at many stages! A girl who at times feels deep sadness but yet never gives herself the chance to fall apart because she's afraid it becomes a tendency!

I am a person who thinks only in black and white! No grey areas... Not in my thinking, plans, feelings or relationships! Its either I am passionate and happy or I leave! It is a shortcoming but its me... The real me whom I cannot afford to hate!

I love myself with all this crap... I love people with all their crap and I love life with all the good n bad it has for me! But most importantly I love Allah and have faith that HE supports me all the way through 

That’s not my story... That’s our story

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