Living on Purpose 1 (LOP1)
Living on Purpose 1 (LOP1)

Living on Purpose 1 (LOP1)

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Everytime we seek success from outside, thinking we can’t find it inside, it only results in increasing the emptiness and gap within us.. Personal success comes from within and is achieved when you are able not only to be yourself, but also to love yourself. Personal success is not just about achieving goals, but feeling grateful and satisfied with what you have after you get it. Because let’s be real! What good is it to achieve a goal and then feel it is not enough? What good is it to get what you have always wanted and then resent it or not want it anymore? What good is it to be a millionaire, and then look in the mirror and feel unlovable? When you devote all your attention to outer success, you get there faster but lose yourself in the process. To find happiness, we must begin an inner journey of self-awareness to recover and remember who we really are and what fingerprint we are here to leave.

A 40-hour workshop (12 sessions + Graduation Project) that will help you in:

- Building self-esteem

- Understanding & balancing your needs

- Removing personal blocks to success

- Mastering your emotions, values & beliefs 

Course Description:

  1. Set your intentions; why are you here/ why we do what we do?
  2. Build your self-esteem/self image/self love
  3. Balance your needs and Focus on what you want
  4. Remove your personal blocks to success
  5. Understand your Master System
  6. Mastering your states/emotions
  7. Mastering your questions
  8. Mastering your values
  9. Mastering your beliefs
  10. Mastering your reference system
  11. Question your rules of happiness

Step One: Set your intention.

Recognize where you are now and clearly see where you need to be go to achieve the right balance of inner and outer success for you. No matter how hard you try, if you are going in the wrong direction, all you will meet in life is resistance, and you will never reach where you want to go. By acting in harmony with your soul’s desire, you will be well prepared for both inner and outer successes.

Step Two: Build your self-esteem

Personal success is not measured by who you are, how much you possess, or what you have accomplished. Instead, personal success is measured by how good you feel about who you are, what you have done, and what you have. How well your relationship is with the one person who will always share life with you, and will always be your greatest support; yourself! 

Step Three: Balance your needs.

 Learn how to get what you need to be true to yourself. It is not enough to say, “I want to be me.”

To know yourself and be true to yourself, you must understand the ten different kinds of love and support that every person needs. With an understanding of what you are missing and how to get it, you will begin automatically to experience inner success. A car may work fine, but if you don’t fill it up with gas it won’t run.

Likewise, if you are not getting certain love needs fulfilled, you cannot find your true self.

Step Four: Remove the blocks to personal success. 

Become aware of the ten common blocks that could be holding you back from having what you want, and begin to clear the way for both inner and outer success. Learn

to release any of the ten blocks that may be holding you back: blame, depression, anxiety, indifference, judgment, indecision, procrastination, perfectionism, resentment and guilt. With this new ability, you will begin to experience that nothing outside yourself is holding you back.

Step Five: Understand your Master System

In any moment a decision you make can change the course of your life forever!

To achieve success, you have to take control of your master system of evaluation, in other words the power that controls the way you think and act at every moment.

What is a master system? It’s 5 elements that determine how you evaluate life events. Once you understand your master system, you’ll know your values and will understand what motivates you.

Understanding your own personal unique decision making system helps you make choices based on your true self and will positively affect the quality of your decisions and actions and the overall quality of your life. 

Step Six: Question your rules of happiness

The more we believe that our happiness is dependent on the outer world, our inner connection becomes weaker. Joy begins to last when we believe and regularly experience that our happiness is not dependent on outer circumstances.

Without first achieving inner personal success, “having more” will just complicate your life and create more problems. “I can’t be happy until I become a millionaire.” “I can’t be happy until I pay my bills.” “I can’t be happy unless my wife changes.” “I can’t be happy unless my husband is more attentive.” “I can’t be happy unless I have a better job.” “I can’t be happy unless I lose weight.” Initially getting what we want appears to work, but after a short period of happiness, we find ourselves unhappy once again. We mistakenly believe that having more will make us happy and take away our pain.  

طبيعه الكورس: اونلاين علي موقع زوم 

 اللغة: شرح الكورس يكون باللغة العربية ُوّلكن يوجد بعض المصطلحات باللغة الانجليزية فيفضل وجود الحد الأدنى من اللغة لتسهيل الفهم والاستيعاب

تُحفظ المحاضرة على موقع زووم لمدة أسبوع (٧ أيام) . بعد انتهاء الأسبوع، تُرفع المحاضرة من علي زوم  و لا يوجد اي امكانية للوصول الى المحاضره المرفوعة. برجاء حضور المحاضرة أو الرجوع إلى التسجيل  قبل انتهاء المدة المحددة

يُسمح باستخدام الماتيريال و سماع المحاضرات للمشتركين في الكورس فقط، ولا يحق بأي حال إشراك أي شخص اخر في الماتيريال أو في الاستماع للمحاضرة وهذا من باب الأمانة

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